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Why You Should Ignore Every Founder's Story About how they Started Their Company

Sam Walton didn't start Walmart until he was 44. If you want to learn about "how to start Walmart" you gotta look at everything that came before it.

Future You Masturbation

"Planning" the future gives you the pleasure of all your future accomplishments with none of the work. It’s your brain tricking you into something that feels good today in exchange for lost meaning and purpose and accomplishment in the future.

Why is Everyone like their Parents?

In which Noah Kagan kicks my ass.

One Reason Why We're Afraid to Take Action

We're taught in school how to do work, but not how to decide what to work on. Looking for certainty is just self deceipt.

Pain is the Point

A goal is a selection of problems you’ve chosen to overcome in order to give meaning & purpose to your life.

The Danger of Outrage Narratives

Don't be deceived.

Tech Support vs the Sermont on the Mount

How to use narrative and mission to elevate your company.

The Perfect Decision Fallacy

To be great you have to move forward in the face of uncertainty

Efficiency is an Excuse to Not Do the Actual Work

Wanna lose weight? Stop reading this sentence & do 10 pushups.

Production vs Consumption

A Tesla you've worked and saved for feels 100x more satisfying than the one that's gifted to you.

Who Owns the Bible

Yes, the Bible is copyrighted, and yes, someone does make money when you buy it (If you speak Spanish, that once was me.)

The Best Videos

Exactly what it says.